MortarHalt™ Overview

MortarHaltMortarHalt™ is engineered with a distinctive profile to break up and suspend mortar and debris droppings at two levels, allowing water to flow to the weep holes. MortarHalt is a specifically manufactured material of textured, nonwoven design using 100% recycled polyester fibers and water based resins (70% overall recycled content). The open material offers unmatched strength, preventing product collapse yet assuring ventilation and moisture drainage of the wall cavity.

MortarHalt™ products are offered for .5", 1", and 2" wall cavity applications.

MortarHalt - .50 MortarHalt - 1.0 MortarHalt - 2.0


  • Distinctive profile construction breaks up and suspends mortar droppings and other debris at two levels preventing mortar damming, keeping weep holes open
  • Durable material properties help prevent product collapse thus assuring maximum mortar dropping suspension
  • Open material design permits unrestrictive passage of moisture through the open material design allowing moisture to rapidly exit the wall
  • Promotes positive airflow ventilation accelerating the drying process of the interior wall cavity
  • Fast and simple installation. Ease of transport, handling, and cutting. Manageable material compression allowing for use in on-site cavity variance
  • MortarHalt™ materials are available as MortarCapture™, a full roll product of varying thicknesses and heights providing a continuous full wall drainage plane.